Petroequipment Logisitics Limited aquires U.S-based PEL ENERGY CORPORATION

An Aquisition for Better Services

Petroequipment Logisitics Limited has just aquired 100% stakes in PEL Energy Corporation ( A US-BASED EPIC COMPANY

Highly Experienced Professionals

Our bases for quality services

Petroequipment Logisitics Limited is blessed with a team of highly experienced engineers that ensures top-notch quality of service.

Strong International Partnership

An Alliance for Quality Services

Our international partnerships enable us offer best-in-class products and services to meet our Clients’ needs, budget and application demands

Exclusive Product Distributorship

Only Quality Products

We are a service partner and exclusive distributor of a broad range of process control equipment required by the Oil, Gas and Process industries.

Welcome to PetroEquipment Logistics Limited!

Petro Equipment Logistics, is an oil and gas services Company operating in different African Countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Libya )
Petro Equipment Logistics (PEL) Ltd has been formed to provide detailed Design and Engineering Consultancy Services to the different sectors of the economy through our high profiled technical partners

The company was incorporated in response to the local content policy of the Nigerian government to take part in the ever growing upstream exploration and production activities of the country. It however decided to go beyond the country and expand into other oil producing regions in the sub continent.

Where else can anyone get the best in petroequipment logistics than in PetroEquipment Logistics Limited?


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